How to Choose a 4k Gaming Monitor

Honestly speaking, most of the PC gamers boast of the best graphics card available on the market. That’s cool. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a good 4k monitor to go with it, you are likely not to get the best gaming experience out of your card. A great graphics card works hand-in-hand with a good 4k monitor.

Choosing a good 4k gaming monitor requires careful consideration particularly because unlike your graphics card, your monitor is something you are likely to use for a while. Since you are going to stick with this monitor for a while, take time and choose wisely.

Pointers when choosing an ideal 4k gaming monitor

1. Monitor resolution

q454hyrtegrThe most important feature of your monitor is its resolution. This refers to the number of pixels available for displaying color and graphics on your screen.

The more pixels available for display, the crisper your graphics will be. Most of the games being developed have more features and better graphics. This means you should pick 4k monitors with resolutions of 3840×2160 and above.

Trends in the gaming sector indicate that future games will require higher resolutions. Don’t settle for anything with less than 8.0 megapixels graphics display capabilities. Remember you are investing for the long term.

2. Refresh rate

Have you ever experienced some lag in the movement on the screen while playing a game? This has something to do with your screen refresh rate.

The refresh rate refers to the number of times in a second that the graphics on your screen are updated. Typically, most Full HD screens have refresh rates of 60 Hz. This works fine for most games but can have a lot of drug for games that require high frames per second for optimal performance.

Considering you want your monitor to remain relevant into the future, choose one with a refresh rate of 120Hz and above. Most preferably, go for 144Hz.

3. Type of panel

dfewrthrytrMost HD and 4k monitors are manufactured using LCD technology. There are, however, different types of LCD technologies and the one you choose will depend on:

IGZO panels are usually recommended for professional use such as editing photographs and video. For gaming and other typical computing purposes, an IPS panel can work just fine.

Remember, your monitor is a long time investment. Choose wisely.